Dresdner Essenz Set of 5 baths


Dresdner Essenz Set of 5 baths

Soothing health bath salts with natural essential oils.

Contains 4 x 60g Bath Salts, Deep Relaxation, Breathe Easy, Muscle Therpay, Soothe and Unwind, Detox.

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Dresdner Essenz Set of  bath salts

  • 1 X Deep Relaxation
  • 1 X Breathe Easy
  • 1X Muscle Therapy
  • 1X Soothe and Unwind
  • 1X Detox

Feel Naturally Healthy

  • With A Base of Pure Sea Salt
  • With Natural Essential Oils
  • With Protection against Dry Skin
  • With Pure Vegetable Oils


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