Dresdner Essenz 60g Deep Relaxation


Dresdner Essenz 60g Deep Relaxation Bath Soak

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Dresdner Essenz 60g Deep Relaxation Bath Soak

Take good care of yourself with Deep Relaxation Health Bath from Dresdner Essenz, a German firm established in 1910 known for natural and aromatheraputic products.

Deep Relaxation features a harmonizing blend of essential oils and botanical extracts including Essential Oils of Melissa and Lavender.

Just add the packet to your bathtub and enjoy as the warm water fully releases the essential oils to relax your tired muscles and soothe away the stressful thoughts of the day.

Also contains sesame oil, wheat protein and panthenol to leave skin noticeably soft and smooth. Contains premium ingredients and made with absolutely no alkaline soap, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oil or chemical preservatives.

One packet contains enough product for several baths.

For external use only. 60 g / 2.1 oz.


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